Britannia Industries Limited

CATEGORY Food Industry


“Britannia Industries Limited” is India's largest food products corporation. Britannia Industries Limited was founded in 1892 in Kolkata.

Britannia Industries Products. 1.BISCUITS


The Brand names of Britannia's Biscuit industry include Vita Marie Gold, Good Day, Tiger, Treat, Nutrichoice, 50-50, Pure Magic.

2.Dairy Products-

Britannia's dairy product's revenue contribution is close to 10% of Britannia's revenue.

 Britannia's dairy products are Dairy Whitener, Ghee, Cheese Cube, Butter, Cheese Slice, Creamy Cheese, Milk, Cheese Spread, and Daily Fresh Yogurt.

Britannia rural biz contribution may rise to 50 per cent in 3 years.

90% of Britannia’s annual revenue comes from biscuits and the remaining 10% comes from dairy products, Bread, etc. Britannia has an estimated market share of 38 per cent